Audi Exchange

Location: Highland Park, IL

This project was a rejuvenation of the existing Audi Exchange dealership in Highland Park, IL, which encompassed 5 separate buildings on their campus. Sullivan Roofing installed around 24,800 square feet of new metal wall panels, in conjunction with a high performance underlayment system on the exteriors of each of these buildings. New roofs were also provided for the main Audi showroom, Vehicle Plaza and nearby O’Brien building. The worked was completed in 2020.

The main Audi showroom, O’Brien Building and D&R Building were redressed using 14,800 square feet of the elegant .080 Anodized aluminum Honeycomb panel system by ES Construction, LLC (California), providing an intricate new look, in keeping with the stylish and distinctive Audi brand design.

The uniquely shaped and eye-catching Vehicle Plaza, with it’s sloped pillars and viewing window, boosts 4,500 square feet of custom made parallelogram Reynobond ACM wall panels, and a Carlisle TPO roof system. This building acts as a striking visual centerpiece for the campus, as well as showing off the latest Audi models, amid the splendor of the new redesign.

General Contractor: International Contractors, Inc.

Systems Installed:
Reynobond ACM panels: 9,800 square feet
ES Construction Honeycomb panels: 14,800 square feet
Vaproshield Underlayment: 13,900 square feet
Henry Blueskin MR31 Underlayment: 6,600 square feet
Carlisle TPO Roofing: 25,000 square feet